north coast pipe band

north coast pipe band

  • August 4, 2022

The North Coast Pipe Band Organization is a wonderful music performance program. It is the best administrated pipe band program I have ever been in, over my 38 years of pipe band involvement. Without question, the members of the program are among the highest caliber people I have ever met in the pipe band scene, motivated by all the right and honest reasons.

Everyone wants what is best for everyone, and each person donates time to better themselves, to support the program’s efforts and to help others. I can say that the experiences I have had with the program thus far have been rewarding and I have made many lifelong friends. The North Coast way is about work ethic, the pursuit of excellence, honesty, and about the journey we all take together. It is not about winning or losing.

It is not about who might have higher skills than someone else, or who has better attendance. Each member donates what they are able and we are happy to receive each person’s individual and unique gifts as they care to share them with us. We’d love to have you share yours with us too.


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