William Lawless, Surgeon, Is Born in Dublin

  • April 20, 1772

General William Lawless (20 April 1772 – 25 December 1824) was a Dublin-born surgeon and important member of the Society of the United Irishmen, a revolutionary republican organisation in late 18th century Ireland.

Lawless, a Catholic, was the confidant of Lord Edward FitzGerald, and Professor of Anatomy and Physiology in the Royal College of Surgeons, Dublin. Closely connected with John Sheares in the direction of affairs in the spring of 1798, a warrant for his arrest was issued on 20 May with a reward of £300.

Timely notice was, however, given him of the fact by Mr. Stewart, the Surgeon-General, and he escaped to France, where his abilities and spirit recommended him to the special favour of Napoleon.

While in Paris, he spent time with other United Irishmen in exile, including Myles Byrne and William James MacNeven.