Bloody Sunday, Dublin Ireland, 1920

On the 21st of November 1920

Bloody Sunday, Dublin Ireland, 1920

Bloody Sunday on November 21, 1920, were a tragic and violent episode during the Irish War of Independence. On that day, a series of coordinated attacks by the Irish Republican Army (IRA) took place in Dublin, targeting British intelligence agents and other individuals associated with British authorities.

The morning of Bloody Sunday began with Michael Collins’ Squad, a unit within the IRA, conducting simultaneous assassinations of British intelligence officers across the city. Fourteen British intelligence agents and informants were killed in the operations.

In retaliation, later that day, British RIC members called “Black and Tans”, including the Auxiliary Division and the Royal Irish Constabulary, opened fire on a crowd at a Gaelic football match in Croke Park. The firing lasted for about 10 minutes, resulting in the deaths of 14 civilians, including one player, and the injury of many others.

Bloody Sunday in 1920 marked a particularly brutal and intense phase of the conflict between Irish republicans and British forces during the War of Independence. The events of that day contributed to further animosity and violence in the already tense relationship between Ireland and Britain during this period.

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