Joseph Mary Plunkett, Irish patriot and poet, is born in Dublin

On the 21st of November 1887

Joseph Mary Plunkett, Irish patriot and poet, is born in Dublin

Joseph Mary Plunkett (Irish: Seosamh Máire Pluincéid; 21 November 1887 – 4 May 1916) was an Irish nationalist, republican, poet, journalist, revolutionary and a leader of the 1916 Easter Rising. Joseph Mary Plunkett married Grace Gifford in 1916, seven hours before his execution.

Joseph Plunkett was not only a revolutionary but also a poet, and his works reflected his nationalist sentiments. Despite his involvement in the Rising, he was romantically involved with and married Grace Gifford, an artist, on May 4, 1916, just hours before his execution.

The circumstances surrounding their wedding were poignant and tragic. Plunkett was one of the leaders of the Rising and was facing execution by firing squad. The marriage ceremony took place in Kilmainham Gaol, where he was held, and it was conducted in the prison chapel by a Catholic priest.

Tragically, Joseph Mary Plunkett was executed on May 4, 1916, making his marriage to Grace Gifford one of the poignant and heartbreaking stories associated with the Easter Rising. The events of the Rising and the subsequent executions of its leaders had a profound impact on Irish history, ultimately contributing to the movement toward Irish independence.

Grace - by the Dubliners

The song was written in 1985 by brothers Frank and Seán O’Meara and is about artist Grace Gifford who married Joseph Mary Plunkett in the chapel at Kilmainham Gaol just hours before he was executed by a firing squad in 1916. Frank and Seán O’Meara are in attendance at the National Stadium.

Grace lyrics

As we gather in the chapel here in old Kilmainham Gaol, I think about these past few days, oh, will they say we’ve failed

From our school days, they have told us we must yearn for liberty, Yet all I want in this dark place is to have you here with me.

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