King Alexander I crowned

King Alexander I crowned

  • April 23, 1107

King Alexander I of Scotland, also known as Alexander I of Alba, was crowned on April 23, 1107. He was the son of King Malcolm III and Queen Margaret, and his reign marked an important period in the history of Scotland. Alexander I ruled as King of the Scots from 1107 until his death in 1124.

During his reign, King Alexander I was known for consolidating and expanding the influence of the Scottish monarchy. He worked to establish a stronger central authority and was instrumental in the introduction of Norman feudalism and legal reforms in Scotland. His reign saw efforts to bring the Western Isles and the north of Scotland under royal control.

Alexander I is also recognized for his strong relationship with the Church and his support for religious reforms and the introduction of Christianity in the Northern Isles. He worked closely with the Church to strengthen its influence and presence in Scotland.

His reign was characterized by efforts to establish a more organized and centralized system of governance in Scotland. King Alexander I’s legacy is marked by his contributions to the development of the Scottish monarchy and the spread of Christianity in the region.

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