A Mr Lorimer, Receiver of Sir Arthur Acheson, Is Killed in a Duel

  • April 21, 1738

Sir Arthur Acheson, 5th Baronet (26 January 1688 – 8 February 1748) was an Irish politician and baronet. The son of Sir Nicholas Acheson, 4th Baronet, he succeeded to the baronetcy upon the death of his father.

In 1728, he was appointed High Sheriff of Armagh. Acheson sat in the Irish House of Commons for Mullingar from 1727 until his death in 1748.

The incident involving Mr. Lorimer, who was killed in a duel while serving as the receiver for Sir Arthur Acheson, touches on a historical practice that was relatively common among the gentry and higher social classes in Europe, particularly from the late Renaissance through the 19th century. Duels were often fought to resolve disputes over personal honor, insults, and other grievances.