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February 12, 1815

Edward Forbes.

February 12, 1815

Edward Forbes - Manx naturalist - born

Edward Forbes, born Feb. 12, 1815, Douglas, Isle of Man was a naturalist, pioneer in the field of biogeography, who analyzed the distribution of plant and animal life of the British Isles as related to certain geological changes.

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What else happened today on February 12

February 12, 1624
George Heriot, goldsmith to King James VI and founder of George Heriot's School, died.
February 12, 1782
The right of habeas corpus is introduced in Ireland
February 12, 1820
The ships East Indian and Fanny, with about 350 Irish emigrants aboard, leave Cork for Cape Colony, carrying some of the "1820 settlers"
February 12, 1846
Rev Henry Duncan, founder of the world-wide savings bank movement, died near Ruthwell.
February 12, 1848
John Mitchel publishes first United Irishmen
February 12, 1923
Birth in Castledawson, Co. Derry / Londonderry of James Chichester-Clark, Northern Ireland Prime Minister from 1969 to 1971