Today in Celtic History
October 27, 1970

The Garden Enclosed (1924) Oil painting..

October 27, 1970

David Jones Welsh poet and artist died.

David Michael Jones was born on November 1, 1895, at Brockley in Kent, England. His childhood was spent sketching animals and illustations from boys' magazines and Old Royal Academy catalogues. Some of these sketches, most notably the "Dancing Bear" of

What else happened today on October 28

October 28, 1562
Battle of Corrichie, Earl of Moray defeated Catholic Gordons of Huntly who were attacking Aberdeen.
October 28, 1659
Birth of Nicholas Brad, Anglican clergyman and poet, in Bandon, Co. Cork
October 28, 1758
Edward Moore, 5th Earl of Drogheda and former MP for Dunleer, drowns with his son Edward, chaplain to the House of Commons, en route from England to Dublin
October 28, 1794
Birth of Robert Liston in Linlithgow who was to carry out the first operation in Britain with the aid of an anesthetic.
October 28, 1875
Death of William Howard Glover, composer and music critic
October 28, 1880
Dr Henry Faulds, a Scots medical missionary working in Japan, published a letter in "Nature" which gave the first evidence that fingerprints could be used as proof of guilt or innocence in legal cases.
October 28, 1907
John Harold Hewitt, poet who wrote the Glens of Antrim, is born
October 28, 1909
Birth in Dublin of Sir Francis Bacon, painter
October 28, 1922
Journalist and novelist Cliff Hanley ("Dancing in the Streets" etc) born in Glasgow.
October 28, 1965
House of Commons passed the Bill abolishing the death penalty for murder.