Today in Celtic History
December 21, 1919

Winter Solstice.

December 21, 1919

Alban Arthuan (Celtic Holiday for the Winter Solstice)

Alban Arthuan

Welsh Bardic name for winter solstice.

The winter solstice, observed on December 21, was the shortest day of the year. The name 'Arthuan' is interesting in relation to Arthurian legend, as King Arthur was believed to

What else happened today on December 21

December 21, 1796
A French fleet under General Hoche with Wolfe Tone, 43 vessels and 14,500 men sails from Brest in December and is scattered by storms; 36 ships arrive at Bantry Bay but do not attempt a landing and return to France, thus preventing what might have been an
December 21, 1821
Birth in Co. Carlow of Samuel Haughton, scientist, mathematician and doctor; he is "famous" for calculating the drop required to kill a hanged man instantly
December 21, 1846
Robert Liston, who was born in Linlithgow in, 1794, performed the first operation in a British hospital using anesthetic (ether).
December 21, 1915
Violet Martin, an Irish novelist who wrote under the pen name, Martin Ross, dies. Edith Somerville continues to list her as co author
December 21, 1919
Dáil Éireann meets for the first time and elects Eamon de Valera as President of Ireland
December 21, 1988
Pan Am, 747 blew up and crashed at Lockerbie, Dumfries, killing, 243 passengers,, 16 crew and, 11 Lockerbie residents.