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September 2, 1022


September 2, 1022

Maelsechlainn II The Great, High King of Ireland, died.

Maelsechlainn II The Great, High King of Ireland, died.

A new wave of Viking attacks on Ireland began in 914 which created an unstable peace between the Irish and the Norse and evolved into a drawn-out war. This time, the Vikings attacked from the south of Ireland at Waterford, and developed a settlement there. From here, the Vikings set out to raid areas in southern Ireland. The Vikings went to the west of Waterford and established another settlement at Limerick.

The descendants of Ivar Beinlaus established a long dynasty based in Dublin, and from this base succeeded in dominating much of the isle. This rule was ultimately broken by the joint efforts of Maelsechlainn II, King of Meath, and the famous Brian Boru (c. 941- 1014) at the Battle of Clontarf where Brian Boru died.

What else happened today on September 2

September 2, 1022
Maelsechlainn II - "The great high king of Ireland" - dies
September 2, 1649
Siege of Drogheda begins
September 2, 1731
Birth of Sir Lucius O'Brien, opposition politician, once described as 'a man who disagrees with the rest of mankind by thinking well of himself'
September 2, 1752
The Gregorian calendar is adopted in Ireland and Britain, 170 years after mainland Europe: 2 September is followed by 14 September
September 2, 1784
Sir Eyre Coote, the elder, dies of apoplexy at sea off Madras, while being pursued by French ships
September 2, 1834
Death of engineer, road, bridge and canal builder Thomas Telford. He was buried in Westminster Abbey.
September 2, 1893
Second Home Rule Bill passed by House of Commons
September 2, 1933
Cummann na nGaedheal, the Centre Party, and the National Guard, once known as the "Blueshirts", join forces to form Fine Gael