Today in Celtic History
November 26, 1836

John Loudon McAdam.

November 26, 1836

John Loudon McAdam Scottish engineer who developed the macadam road died.

He recommended that roads should be raised above the adjacent ground for good drainage and covered, first with large rocks, and then with smaller stones, the whole mass to be bound with fine gravel or slag. In 1815, having been appointed surveyor ge

What else happened today on November 26

November 26, 1624
Birth in Dublin of John Stearne, founder and first president of the College of Physicians
November 26, 1791
First convicts from Ireland arrive in New South Wales, Australia
November 26, 1852
Aeneas Coffey, inventor of the Coffey Still, dies
November 26, 1873
Birth in Cork of Celtic scholar Osborn Joseph Bergin
November 26, 1885
Birth in Belfast of Thomas Andrews, chemist and physicist
November 26, 1926
Rugby player Karl Mullen is born in Courtown Harbour, Co. Wexford
November 26, 1955
Saor Uladh (Free Ulster) a splinter group of the IRA, attacks the police barracks in Rosslea, Co. Fermanagh
November 26, 1972
RTÉ Journalist Kevin O'Kelly is imprisoned for contempt of court arising out of an interview with then Provisional IRA chief Séan MacStiofáin. Mr O’Kelly had refused to identify his interviewee in court