Today in Celtic History
November 25, 1784

Napper Tandy.

November 25, 1784

Napper Tandy leading radicals asks for Parliamentary reform for Ireland

A Dubliner, born in 1740, Originally a small tradesman he became involved in the political animation of late 1770s Dublin. He gained attention by his attacks on municipal corruption and his proposal to boycott English goods as a reprisal for the restri

What else happened today on November 25

November 25, 1681
General Tam Dalyell raises a regiment to suppress Covenanters which later became the Royal Scots Greys.
November 25, 1713
The second Irish parliament of Queen Anne sits from this date to 24 December. The Whig Alan Brodrick is elected Speaker for the second time, in place of John Forster, after a stormy contest with the government's Tory nominee, Sir Richard Levinge
November 25, 1764
Birth of Henry Sirr, Dublin town head of police
November 25, 1835
Steel magnate and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie born in Dunfermline.
November 25, 1853
John Gibson Lockhart, biographer and critic, editor Blackwood's magazine, died. He married Sir Walter Scott's daughter and wrote a, 7 volume biography of Scott. Buried Dryburgh Abbey, at the feet of Sir Walter Scott.
November 25, 1858
John Smyth Crone, physician and editor, is born in Belfast
November 25, 1906
Birth in Belfast of Saidie Paterson, trade unionist and peace activist
November 25, 1913
The Irish Volunteers, a militant nationalist splinter of the Irish Parliamentary Party and nationalist version of the 18th-century Ulster Volunteers, is founded by Eoin MacNeill at a mass meeting at the Rotunda, Dublin