Today in Celtic History
October 22, 1917

John Boyd Dunlop.

October 22, 1917

John Boyd Dunlop Scottish inventor of the pneumatic rubber tire died.

Born into a farming family in Dreghorn in Ayrshire, John Boyd Dunlop was a veterinary surgeon by profession, having qualified at Edinburgh Veterinary College (now part of Edinburgh University ) when he was only 19. He worked as a vet in Edinburgh for n

What else happened today on October 23

October 23, 1295
Treaty between King John Balliol of Scotland and King Philippe IV of France which promised mutual help against the English, the start of the "Auld Alliance".
October 23, 1662
The Irish parliament orders the annual observance of this date as a day of thanksgiving for deliverance from the 1641 rising; for over a century, church services on this day will remind Protestants of Catholic disloyalty
October 23, 1707
First meeting of the Parliament of Great Britain.
October 23, 1766
Birth of John Claudius Beresford, banker, MP, and controversial figure in 1798 rebellion, during which he was alleged to have flogged suspects at his riding house in Marlborough Street, Dublin; the slogan 'Mangling done here gratis by Beresford and Co.' w
October 23, 1771
Benjamin Franklin ends his visit to Ireland
October 23, 1773
Birth of Francis Jeffrey, first editor of the "Edinburgh Review".
October 23, 1921
Death of John Boyd Dunlop who re-invented the pneumatic tyre from the design of Robert W Thomson.
October 23, 1931
The IRA and other organizations are declared illegal in the Free State and the Catholic Church
October 23, 1940
Poet and dramatist Tom McGrath born in Rutherglen.